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All her life, Naomi Roosevelt, has followed the straight and narrow path set by her parents. No distractions were allowed! And with academics being her top priority, she didn't have time to entertain the idea of ever finding true love. Until one day, after cheer practice, Naomi is attacked by a group of guys on her way home. Where she is saved during a chance encounter, by a handsome stranger named Eric Jackson. He quickly sweeps her off her feet and they embark in what Naomi can only describe as a blissful, whirlwind romance.

However, Naomi soon learns of the chaos that lurks just around the corner. When adversities arise, tensions flare, truths are revealed, and relationships are severed beyond repair. The Devil is ruthless; charming even. Especially when he comes in the form of tall, dark, and handsome. But if Naomi is wise, she'll separate herself from his tantalizing temptation before it's too late.

Or will she fall victim to his dangerous love, and pay the ultimate price?

**Trigger Warning: Book Contains content that may not be suitable for all audiences! Reader discretion is advised! **

The Price of Love (Affairs Series Prequel)


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