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Aaliyah Smith is an immaculate detective, who honors the badge and upholds the law with pride. When drugs mysteriously start slithering their way through Rose District’s perimeter, the Cartersville Police Department turn to her for answers. Now, Aaliyah's next mission is to go undercover in Movan District and follow up on a major tip that may lead to a huge break in the case.

Meanwhile, on the job she catches the attention of the handsome and successful Natura Coffee Shop owner, Damien Jackson. But he holds the darkest secrets unfathomable to the average man. Aaliyah knows, if Damien finds out she's an undercover cop, both her job and life are done for.

As tensions rise between the two, adversities come from all angles. Will Aaliyah be able to keep up the facade? Or will she be killed before the case is even solved?

Their colliding worlds truly become a fatal attraction where only one of them will come out on top!

Internal Affairs: The Lies We Tell (Affairs Series Book 1)


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